A quick Q&A made in 2005.

Please, Doug, explain who you are.
A: I am just a bug in your system. A small back under your head.
Q: Are you satisfied?
A: While Betty lays beats Lester nods on his own to create life, react to flying, also when drunk the nature comes to suggenstions.
Q: ?
A: !
Q: Could you explain the process of your work?
A: y*c=b ()^5+ 9(7-)√87 This could work for most art.. According to physics law that is. How do you do?
Q: How do you kill boredom?
A: Two little gingerbreadmen walked down the road. I ate one. Then I was not bored anymore.
Q: How much money do you have?
51. But maybe also 292? Since I don't know, let us call it even?
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